Extension in COAS and the Role of Supreme Court

The situation that has arisen on the extension of the employment of the Chief of Army Staff was not in the interest of the country in any way. However, according to a court order, Chief Justice Khosa has extended the tenure of Chief of Army Staff General Bajwa for six months and also ordered that further action may be taken in light of the constitution and reference to Parliament. In this way, the panic that was created all over the country has come to an end.

This situation was being watched keenly both inside and outside Pakistan. The anti Pakistan forces are engaged in a blatant attempt to lower the morale of Pakistan’s army. The extension of the term of the head of the Pak Army is nothing new and should not have been an issue. Earlier, General Kayani (R) had also been given a three-year extension in his term of employment. An appeal was also filed in the Islamabad High Court against his extension, which the court rejected.

However, this time  Justice Khosa choose to hear on priority the petition which the petitioner himself requested to be withdrawn. The reason given was that the petition was in the public interest. As a result of this, and in the light of the arguments, the Court has extended the tenure of the Chief of Army Staff for six months. However, experts are well aware that the Prime Ministerhas the authority to extend the term of employment, as has been the case with General Kayani in the past.

In my faulty opinion, the Supreme Court should have approved the request to withdraw Riaz Rahee’s writ, in which case it would not have been possible for the unreat and panic in the country. Also, before the judicial verdict, the mafia and the enemy elements of Pakistan launched a campaign against the Pakistan Army and the judiciary. And the growing betterment in economy was effected. India’s TV and radio were steadily working to coax this campaign into misleading the Pakistani people in their own language. Social media was also playing the role. Along with India, global imperialism is also trying to create differences within the Pakistan Army using various type of toxic propaganda. However, this mafia has not and will not succeed in this task because the people of Pakistan are well aware that the key responsibilities of defense of Pakistan are being carried out by the Armed Forces of Pakistan. If the Mafia and the enemy elements of Pakistan succeed in creating differences within the Pakistan Army, India will not be afraid of invading Pakistan (the tragedy of East Pakistan should be avoided).

In this background, we need to take lessons from Kashmiri Muslims. Where India’s one million army armed with modern weapons has been disturbing the lives of Muslims. Curfew has been in force for more than 100 days. 15,000 youths are being held in different prisons in India. Indian army has raped hundreds or even thousands of women. The whole world is condemning India’s anti-human policies and demanding that these inhumane activities should be stopped immediately and provide a chance for Kashmiris to lead a dignified life in line with the UN Charter.

If Maulana Fazlur Rehman had succeeded in destabilizing the situation in Pakistan, India could have had a chance to invade Pakistan.

Under the guidance of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the movement of Pakistan was carried out by the people with their faith. The elements that are currently seeking to create political and social tensions in Pakistan have already been rejected by the public. Because history testifies that the elders of these elements were strongly opposed to Pakistan and joined the Hindu party Congress. How India is dealing with over 22 million Indian Muslims, it is enough to open our eyes. It is the ideology of the BJP and its sub-organization RSS to somehow integrate Pakistan into India, so that Akhand becomes India.

At this juncture the action of the Supreme Court does not seem to be appropriate. However, it seems that subsequently they realized the criticality of the matter and got out of it in a way which gave them face saving.

The parliament should now ensure the internal stability of Pakistan by taking into account the situation of the country during the next six months, further reviewing the term of the Chief of Army Staff in the light of the Constitution, and Pakistan must send a message to the enemies that we are one and will remain one.

We should not forget that Pakistan is the trustee of millions of martyrs who sacrificed their lives during the establishment of Pakistan. If this country came into existence on the 27th of Ramadan, all attempts to break it would be unsuccessful. There is no need to comment on India’s role in the separation of East Pakistan, but there were some mistakes of our own in the tragedy of East Pakistan. We should not repeat these mistakes now. In the same way democracy can flourish and the rule of law can be established. Because without the supremacy of the law, there is no democracy.

Why Pakistan remains Developing Nation

From childhood I have been hearing that the Pakistani nation is a developing nation. As I grew older, the “secret”, why Pakistanis continue to be developing nation was gradually revealed.

Outside of school, a disabled man used to beg in the name of Allah sitting in the sun. I often handed him my remaining lunch money. One day, my pickup was late and school was empty. I saw the beggar stood up, straightened his hands and feet, took off the beggar clothes (under which he had decent clothes) and went away in a good mood.

Once my mother asked me to get beef from the market. After cooking the meat I brought, she was furious. She told me that the meat was filled with water under pressure and after being cooked, it had reduced to half.

Later, I also found out that there are papaya seeds in black pepper. Instead of spices, wood debris is colored to form spices. Additives to milk include various harmful chemicals besides water. Even there is plastic in rice and pulses.

A large number of people were gathered around a person injured in an accident on the street. How much humanity we have, I envied. As I approached, I could see that the people were actually looking for mobile phones, credit cards, currency and other belongings of the injured, trying to get whatever they could before the ambulance arrives. There were others who were filming all this to go viral on social media while the injured was crying for help.

The mosque is the house of God, I heard from my childhood. But, I never could understand why the glasses, water containers, fans and even bulbs were chained or put in protective enclosures. Also, why the doors of the house of God are locked and only opened at the times of prayers?

I also came to know that doctors prescribe medicine and recommend laboratories which pay them commissions on sales. And they take oath for selflessly work for humanity.

Recycling is good, isn’t it? That’s why, we use it in the field of health and medicine. Disposable syringes, drips, even expired drugs are recycled for personal gains at the cost of health of the nation.

Public servants and politicians only start those projects through which they would get their cut. Law enforcement agencies support crimes in an organized way. They keep unofficial ledgers of all the illegal money they earn and distribute it from top to bottom very honestly.

Seeing all this, the devil must have wondered why he was thrown out of heaven.

Stories of Pakistani Politics

Before the 2018 election, there was a debate about the election results. Everyone at the event was making their predictions. Someone was showing the possibility of forming a joint government of the ANP and MMA in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and again someone was giving their opinion on the coming of the MMA. After the comments of all the political observers present at the ceremony, a friend of ours gave an analysis that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf will not only succeed in re-establishing government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, but also in the center, and they are watching the next Prime Minister. Not only this, big political towers from KP will also collapse.

Everyone disagreed with the opinion of big political figures out of parliamentary politics. Our friend was also subjected to severe criticism at the event. When the 2018 elections took place and the results came out, everyone was surprised and the political analysis that our close friend gave before the elections proved to be correct.

Before the elections, no one was expecting that KP politicians like Asfandyar Wali Khan, Aftab Ahmed Khan Sherpao and Maulana Fazlur Rehman would lose their seats, and they would be able to run against such candidates. Couldn’t think of a riot competition.

Shortly after the election, it was agreed to be reunited with these friends again, and at the event, the question arose whether the PTI would complete its five-year term. Everyone at the event gave their political analysis. This time, everyone was of the view that as the PTI came into power, there would be no danger to the government in the future and the government would complete its five-year term. But the analysis of our friends who predicted PTI to come to power was different this time. His analysis was that in 2020, Imran Khan would move to the new elections, deciding to dissolve the assemblies and present this petition to the people in the elections as he did not get a clear majority, so he acted according to his manifesto. Could not That is why the public could not get relief. If they get a two-thirds majority, the destiny of the nation can change.

According to our analyst friend, if Imran Khan goes towards the option of dissolving assemblies, it would be his fault. According to the signs that our friend told the government to leave, the situation seems to be the same. The first sign of the government’s difficulty was the departure of Nawaz Sharif abroad, the second sign hearing the PTI’s foreign funding case, the third sign coming from anti-government decisions and the fourth sign saying the Prime Minister’s tone was changed.

The tone of the Prime Minister is the same as the one used on the container. The Prime Minister has also stated in terms of government performance that he did not get the team right, so he could not deliver.

When Maulana Fazlur Rehman announced a three-week sit-in against the government, it was clear from various constituencies that Maulana Fazlur Rehman was carrying an empty robe and nobody believed that Maulana Fazlur Rehman was ever empty-handed. And this time they have filled the basket. But Maulana Fazlur Rehman looks optimistic. In a rally in Bannu, Maulana Fazlur Rehman had clearly indicated that he did not come out empty handed from Islamabad. Now the question arises that if Maulana did not come empty handed, what have they brought? In this regard, either Maulana knows, or Pervez Elah knows the role of mediation between Maulana and the government. But according to the recent talks of Maulana Fazlur Rehman, he was offered the positions of Balochistan government, Chairman Senate and Governor KP and Maulana confidently said that the new election and the abolition of the government were soon available to the people. Will get

What brought Maulana to Islamabad or what is going to happen in this deal, Maulana’s statement has also come out but the situation is as much as ‘mouths’. Every analyst is cooking up his imagination. Some believe that the House is trying to bring about change. Even those who say that say, a name for the Prime Minister of this House may also be exposed which will not be in anyone’s opinion. Rumors are also circulating that a caretaker government can be set up in the short term and the caretaker Prime Minister is being agreed in the name of Mian Muhammad Soomro, but there is no consensus with the PML-N. It has also been pointed out that a person like Shaukat Aziz, like General Pervez Musharraf, should be imported from outside. And some circles are saying that nothing is going to happen.

What is happening in the political situation, our political analyst friends say the situation on the coming political horizon will become clearer this month. Their signal was on November 27. But it is also clear that the government has been given time till March that if the country’s economic situation is not in the right direction by March, no one can stop the change and after establishing a caretaker government for a short period, the country will again. Elections will be held. But as a result of the caretaker government, elections do not seem possible. If the government is run as a result of no deal, then the container is ready again. The slogans of Go Go will resonate. But until the political situation becomes clear, many such stories will be heard.

Saudi Arabia and Iran at the Brink of WAR

The methods of wars in the world have changed in the present period; the loss of economy by shooting, bombing, puts countries in crisis. Iran and Saudi tensions are seen as an important topic in the world, so far Tehran and Riyadh have fought only proxy wars. The two countries are not ready for a direct war, however, like the Houthi rebel’s major attack on Saudi Arabia’s capital or recent events targeting its key economic site, matters can get out of hand.

The Houthi invasion of Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure has further strained relations between Tehran and Riyadh. Increased tensions may also start at the Gulf Coast, where the two countries face each other. , Iran raised Yemeni bases in the Saudi opposition and provided them with weapons, money and resources for their own purposes. This is the fifth year of Yemen’s war. This year, the scope of the war has spread to the Saudi border, and Houthi rebels have reportedly targeted missiles and drone strikes in Saudi Arabia’s border towns, the Mediterranean and, according to some reports, to the Saudi capital Riyadh and the UAE.

For the Yemeni government, which has the support of the United Nations, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, the purpose of this war has been the same, and to stop the pro-Iranian occupation of the country. She has succeeded in this, although the Yemeni people have had to pay a heavy price.

Now that the Yemeni war is breaking down, the Yemeni rebel group CDPC is also looking to negotiate, with Saudi Wali Ehud Mohammed bin Salman moving the country toward heights in a climate that is big on the Saudi economy. The attack has stopped almost half of the country’s oil production. The Saudi oil refinery was attacked by drones or rockets, the airspace from Yemen is about 1000 to 800 km (900 miles) apart, about 300 km from Iran and about 500 km from Iraq. Are located.

Unlike Yemen, it is most likely that the attacks on Saudi refineries were carried out by Iraq or Iran, Iraq has the so-called government while the real power is in the hands of the United States. Not visible but the attack was playing a key role in the attack, UN experts have revealed in their report that Tehran supports the use of weapons and technology.

The Saudi Defense Ministry announced at a press conference that Iranian weapons and equipment were to be presented to the world, which is clear evidence that the attacks were carried out by Iran.

Immediately after the attacks, the United States blamed Iran for the attack on Tehran. In this situation, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also publicly opened his sack against Iran. While refusing to seek US aid, he also announced his involvement in the US military alliance, as the next step Saudi Arabia sought cooperation with South Korea to strengthen its air defense. According to South Korean news agency, the two countries continue to consult in this regard S agreed.

On the other hand, an agreement was reached between Saudi Arabia and South Korea to run a joint nuclear research program. It said the deal aims to prepare Saudi staff for peaceful use of nuclear energy. While tensions have erupted, Saudi Arabia’s security has also appeared helpless.

Saudi Arabia’s security forces have not planned or prevented such attacks, despite numerous attacks in every country in the world where its defense is strengthened. New plans need to be strengthened alongside defense.

It is also worth noting that the United States is creating a war-torn situation in this whole situation. After the invasion of Saudi Arabia, it seems that the noise of the game was already prepared by the Trump administration, which The United States is screaming against Iran in its neighborhood, removing its fierce opponent Saddam Hussein from the scene, and it is America who gave Iran the opportunity to play proxy war in the Middle East.

The United States continued its support by providing support to Iranian-backed Bashar al-Assad in Syria, a question as to where the US Patriot missiles went to during the drone attacks on Saudi Arabia, and the United States earned billions of dollars from the Saudis. The goal of the entire US game is to sell its weapons at the moment, but the situation is looking rather tense, to see what makes Saudi Arabia and Iran’s leadership viable in the future. Demonstrations will reduce or further increase the risk of war in the region.

Historic Act of PM Imran Khan

While Sikhs around the world celebrate the birth of their forefather Baba Guru Nanak Devji every year with great devotion and respect, this time, the 50th birthday celebrated by Aan Ban and Shan is such a historic event. Which the historian will write in beautiful words with the beautiful title of “Muslim Sikh Bhai Bhai”. On this blessed occasion, an indefinite amount of money was made, which is a historical event of the opening of the Kartarpur transit which is nothing short of unique.

This November 9th event is the culmination of the awe-inspiring effect of the department’s commitment to make the impossible possible, thanks to the insightful and inspirational leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Imran Khan’s move is nothing short of a testament to his godly leadership ability, whose results will be evident and visible in the future. The immediate magical effect, however, is that it has bridged the age-defying gulf into a genocide, created by a conspiracy of trust between two great brave nations.. The forces opposing the Muslims and Sikhs were well aware of the common values and power of these two brave nations and feared that their unity would not fade if a unity was formed between them. As a result, the opposing forces, including the upper-caste Hindus and the second-floor rulers, sowed the seeds of intense hatred between Muslims and Sikhs under the deliberate scheme of “fight and rule.” This led to the first incident of the mosque Shaheed Ganj, in which the fringe rulers involved Mangal Singh and Khadak Singh, inciting the Muslims against the Sikhs and then following the partition of the subcontinent in 1947 with the RSS.

The pro-Hindu extremists, at that time, led the indiscriminate Sikh leadership, led by Hindu pro-master Tara Singh, by disobeying the founder of Pakistan’s Quaid-i-Azam, and bleeding Sikhs against the Muslims whose power was avenged many years later, when Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her bodyguards. In Delhi, communal riots broke out against Sikhs during which Hindus cut the Sikhs like carrots and thus the entire Sikh nation was punished for the pro-Hindu leadership of the Sikhs. Sadly, the Sikh leadership came under the cheat and made a cheap deal for the Sikh nation.

At this time we are reminded of the historic prediction of Maulana Syed Ataullah Bukhari that there will come a time when Sikhs will beg for unity and agreement with Muslims. Sikhs should be thankful to Imran Khan and the government of Pakistan that they have kept the pride of the Sikh community by inviting unity before it can even begin to beg.

Syed Ataullah Shah Bukhari, while demonstrating his truth, lifted the veil of prejudice and false Hindus by saying, “The Hindu press is dishonest and treasonous to those who work for the homeland. Notice that the they do not write mosque with Shaheed Ganj, but Gurdwara Shaheed Ganj and say that Muslims attacked the Gurdwara.”

The overwhelming majority of Sikhs and Muslims are probably not aware of the basic fact that Islam and Sikhism do not inherent enmity. The Sikh religion has many values in common with Tawheed. Like Muslims, Baba Guru Nanak firmly believed in the absolute opposite of idolatry and on the oneness of Almighty God while idol worship was the cornerstone of Hindu Dharma. In this sense, the distance between the Sikhs and the Hindu religion lies in the poles. On the contrary, the basic beliefs of Sikhism have deep relevance to unity and monotheism. The other is that Baba Guru Nanak opposed and propagated the basic doctrine of caste discrimination in Hinduism and the Islamic doctrine of “Mahmud and Ayaz” standing in the same row. According to some traditions, Baba Guru Nanak obtained the pilgrimage of Hajj and did not even claim to prophesy, nor did he claim his Guru Granth Sahib as heavenly or the last  religious book.

In the unseemly situation where the oppressive Muslims of Kashmir, occupied by the rulers of India, are breaking the mountains of oppression and annoying the Indian Muslims by bleeding justice by announcing the wrong decision of the historic Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. The funeral of secularism is being carried out by the Islamic Republic of Pakistan under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan to open the Kartarpur road for the Sikh community to have free and convenient access to their holy gurdwara without a visa.  Which has won the hearts of 14 million Sikhs around the world.

Therefore, the prominent representative of the Sikh community and prominent former cricketer of India, Navjot Singh Sudhu, says, “Imran Khan is the first Babbar tiger Prime Minister who heard the heart.” The letter is correct and correct. There is no doubt that Imran Khan fulfilled the dream of four generations of Sikhs. Imran Khan has become the voice of the heart of 14 million Sikhs today because of his historic move. While addressing the inaugural function of Kartarpur Road, Sadhu said, “Some people are like Imran Khan who made history.” Thousands of Sikhs from different countries of the world including Canada, Europe, the United States and Australia, besides former Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, Indian Punjab Chief Minister, former Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal, Union Minister Harsimrat Korbadar and other important figures attended the ceremony.

In his historic address, Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the project of the Kartarpur road, saying that the Almighty God is for all human beings. Our Prophet Muhammad was also a merciful Prophet. He referred to Baba Guru Nanak’s saintly saint, the great Sufis of the subcontinent, including Baba Farid, Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya and Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, who taught humanity, justice, tolerance and brotherhood.

The Prime Minister, while not naming India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said that a leader is one who unites people instead of spreading hatred. In this context, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi pointed out that today we must think who is sowing the seeds of hatred in the region. The opening of the Kartarpur tolerance is expected to open new chapters of the Muslim Sikh Unity and this historical decision will have far-reaching implications for the future of Pakistan and India.